Live Wild Feel Chilled

Nature gave us moon to chill... We make it more Lavish


At the footsteps of Shevaroy Hills

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Our Rooms

Rooms with Luxurious decor with high quality furnishings and consistent design, ample space, large queen or king sized beds and luxurious bath products.

Our Services

One of the finest services you will not forget in your lifetime

Salem Pickup / Drop - 4 Seater

Salem Pickup / Drop - 8 Seater

Yercaud Pickup and Drop to Hotel


Cycle - 4 hours

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Yercaud residency – The Lavish Moon

Well-placed in the family fun, sightseeing area of Yercaud city, The Lavish Moon provides the most ...

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Couple friendly hotels in yercaud- The Lavish Moon

The Lavish Moon is located in Yercaud and features a garden. Among the facilities of this property ...

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Best home stay in yercaud – The Lavish Moon

The name of this town is derived from two Tamil words, "yeri" (lake) and "kadu" (forest). It was so...

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Best hotels in yercaud Salem – The Lavish Moon

Yercaud welcomes you warmly with abundant trees and emerald-toned lakes. Do you know why it's one o...

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Yercaud best places to stay – The Lavish Moon

The lavish moon, which is located in the middle of the town, is the greatest place to stay in Yerca...

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yercaud best hotels – The Lavish Moon

The Lavish Moon Yercaud best hotels are perched on a rocky ledge atop the mighty Shevaroy Hills. It...

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Cheap hotels in yercaud – The Lavish Moon

The Lavish Moon Hotel is a cheap hotel in Yercaud, located on a lush green the hillside that offers...

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Cheap and best hotels in yercaud – The Lavish Moon

The Lavish Moon is a wonderful hotel overlooking the Shevaroy Hills in Yercaud. This luxury resort ...

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Best place to stay in yercaud – The Lavish Moon

The Lavish Moon is an off-beat, eco-friendly resort located in Yercaud at an altitude of 4970 feet ...

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