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Yercaud best places to stay – The Lavish Moon

The lavish moon, which is located in the middle of the town, is the greatest place to stay in Yercaud. Choose a bungalow with large lawns and gardens that are surrounded by a variety of trees and plants. This will be an ideal location for a Yercaud homestay. Yercaud is no different than any of the country's other well-known hill stations. Yercaud, which promises the tranquilly and serenity of a perfect fantasy hill resort, is a must-see for anyone seeking a taste of the former. Yercaud best place to stay is noted for having good coffee and orange growing grounds due to its nice temperature. Of fact, the coffee plantations and orange orchards in Yercaud are popular tourist destinations. As they plunge into the magnificent landscapes and fascinating greenery, visitors like to stay in a luxurious hotel in Yercaud. Lakes, vistas, gardens, waterfalls, and other tourist attractions may be found in Yercaud. For any travellers who are looking to start a journey to this beautiful hill station, here are some places to must visit in Yercaud. Killiyur Falls Killiyur Waterfalls is located in the Shevaroy hill range of Eastern Ghats. One of the most adored places to visit in Yercaud, the waterfall is a 2-km trek from the vehicle drop point. Pagoda Point Pagoda Point is the high viewpoint in Yercaud which offers a birds eye’s view of the entire city down below, the view is awesome and extremely beautiful. Yercaud Lake The Yercaud trip will be incomplete without visiting Yercaud Lake also known as Emerald Lake or Big Lake, which is located in the centre of Yercaud town. Moreover, this is a completely natural lake. Also, this lake is surrounded by cloud laden hills, gardens and well-groomed large trees. Kids play area is one of the highlights of this place which makes it a must visit.